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Solveig Laetilieur 

Solveig Laetilieur is the artist name, of the young German-Spanish painter Elena Müller.

She was born in Madrid, Spain, to a German family with French ancestors called Laetilieur and Grobert.

She has been painting from an early age, but her art developed a unique style in Berlin where she studied both Bachelor and Master.

During her baccalaureate in Modern Languages and Cultural Sciences in Berlin, she also moved to Paris to study History of Art at the Sorbonne University, where she engaged in artistic circles. 

During her master studies she lived in Barcelona a cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city renowned for being Picassos town and for its unique architecture by Antoni Gaudi.

Among the different cities and their different styles the Catalan Modernism, the German Expressionism and the French existentialism by Camus and Sartre influenced her work at most.

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