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Art is Philosophy

Art has a purpose. It is created for an audience and describes collective aspects of existence.

Artists show social engagement when illustrating the world from different perspectives. The key point is the constant change of perspectives to show different meanings.

The artist
is concerned about the world and shows all aspects of life. "Il doit parler de ses hauts et ses bas, ses espoirs et ses déceptions, ses joies et ses peines" - Camus.

Art and it different styles like Cubism and Expressionism capture the plurality of existence and shows its essence. Therefore art creates understanding and challenges our comprehension, creating awareness of social dimensions.

As Albert Camus says, "human beings have an inherent desire to discover an ultimate meaning to life and all of existence". Art is a way to discover the essence of life and culture and create meaning.

"Absurdity" is also a very important term in art and philosophy for it is created out of the conflict between the very human desire to seek an answer to the question of ultimate meaning in life and the frustration out of the impossibly to fulfill such desire. The absurd arises from the randomness of life and is addressed by art.

In the face of absurdity, revolution must take place. 

"Art is Revolution" - Camus.


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